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game title Karaz's Conquest

The game is inspired by retro shooting games, except that the player is now playing as the aggressive invader rather than the righteous defender. Player will be cultivating alien being as fighting unit, arranging battle formation and defeating enemies on battle field.

Along the campaign, player can explore the universe freely, discover side quests, collect hidden characters and space puzzle pieces. Upon conquering new planet, player will be rewarded with new unit species or cabin supplies, which allows advanced unit evolution.

Veni, vidi, vici! Start conquering now!

Karaz's Conquest Screen Shots Karaz's Conquest game features
Feature - 16 characters Features - Super Moves Features - Tile Puzzle
Features - 42 Main/Sub Missions Features - Intriguing Story Features - Epic Bosses
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Karaz's Conquest qr_android
Karaz's Conquest qr_iOS

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